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2017.11.15, Wednesday
«Left Right»
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                        Time is one thing that God gave to every man ...

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                             There’s​ only one ...

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  • Success Strategies

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«Left Right»


2017.11.20, Monday

Let It Go

                   Why do we hold on to the past? Why is it so difficult to let go of the experiences that have caused us pain and suffering? For many of us, we get stuck in the past because of our need for certainty. Certainty is fundamentally about survival. Continuous pain Means continuous damage, and that eventually leads to our demise. The other reason it is so difficult to let go of the past has to do with the way we link emotion to information.

Manage Your Emotions


                    Consider, for example, a woman who has a feminine core. If her partner does something that hurts her emotions, she may have a tendency to bring it up over and over again throughout the relationship. And her partner feels like it’s impossible to win because no matter how much he does to amend the situation, the past will still be brought to attention. But there is a very real reason why she has trouble letting it go.

                    Compare that to a masculine force. Why does a man not attach emotion to everything? It’s not that a highly masculine man doesn’t care. It’s because masculine energy is about breaking through and letting go. Feminine energy, on the other hand, is not about letting go – it’s about filling up and gathering up. And when there is still emotion tied to a memory, it becomes increasingly difficult to let go.

How Do I Loosen My Grip? 


                  But what is this all costing us? How is it impacting our relationships, our lives and our happiness? And how do we learn to loosen our grip so we can move forward in a healthier, happier way?The first step is to determine your reason for wanting to let go of the past. Ask yourself: “What are the reasons why you must move beyond this? How will your life change? How will it change your relationships? And how will you feel in this new chapter of your life?” This is one of the most important parts of the process because it will help you stay motivated. It’s going to be your emotional drive.

  •  Identify Your Emotional Habits 

The next step towards letting go is to identify your emotional habits. When we get stuck to certain emotions, we don’t really notice how they impact us on a daily basis. But our emotional habits can have influence on the way we look at life, the way we carry ourselves, the way we speak, the words we use and the way we act. Because your emotions are like a muscle – you can train yourself to feel frustrated, sad, stressed or even depressed. Or, you can train yourself to feel passionate, joyful and strong. The more you condition yourself, the more wired those emotions become.

  • Condition Your Mind 

                     The ultimate breakthrough happens by conditioning your mind every single day. Feed yourself with empowering stories, surround yourself with people who make you better, put yourself in peak state. Always find something you want to serve that is greater than yourself. Live for your family, for community, for humanity. Motive does matter– so find motives that go beyond yourself.

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