Co-dependence and Low Self Esteem 

    Joyce Meyer, president and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministeries

​The other day we explained what co-dependence is and how it affects someone who is a victim of it. Today we will discuss on how co-dependence relates with low self-esteem.

A person who is codependent usually has a low level of self-esteem and is often lacking in maturity. Mature people are not emotionally and spiritually devastated by every mistake they make. They are able to maintain some kind of balance in their lives.

Freedom from co-dependence is based upon the development of a sense of value apart from what a person does. If an individual is not co-dependent, he is able to stand alone in Christ. If you are free from co-dependence, you are not dependent on people, places, or positions, you don’t have to be in relationship with any certain person or group of people, or be in any certain place or occupy any certain position in order to feel safe, confident, and secure. If you are free from co-dependence, you don’t feel you have to be in control of everything and everybody. You can allow others to make their own choices and not feel threatened by them or responsible for them. You don’t feel you have to try to solve every problem or satisfy every person.

  A person who is codependent usually has a low level of self-esteem and is often lacking in maturity. 

If you are free from co-dependence, you can stand on your own feet and look to God for your sense of value and worth and not to the opinions of others or to outward circumstances. You are able to withstand being controlled or manipulated. You are free from the bondage of co-dependence because you know who you are in Christ and trust the lord to see you through. Even if you are living with a controller or a manipulator or even an ungodly person, don’t become discouraged. God can change the meanest and roughest person on earth. He can turn the worst cases around and use them for his glory. If you are caught in a co-dependent situation, He will also give you the wisdom and courage not to be mistreated or taken advantage of by that person. If you live with a perfectionist, for example, he will help you not to make yourself miserable trying to do the impossible to keep that person happy. It may be hard but with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit within you, it can be done. You can be set free in a safe way by being obedient to the lord and trusting him to deliver you.

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