Self Discipline and Spirituality


         To develop spiritually and become a fully functioning person, you must regularly apply self discipline and self-control to your thoughts, feelings and action. Spiritual development, inner peace and the experience of joy will

require self mastery and self-control. Brian Tracy once said that the height of self discipline in spiritual development is the practice of forgiveness. There is no way you can enjoy spiritual growth without disciplining yourself to pray, fast and to study God’s word.

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I want to remind you of Diego Armendo Maradona, the then 44 year old God of soccer. Remember that after recovering from his drug problems, Maradona’s only headache was fat body and grave health implications. After a stomach surgery known as “Gastric by-pass” or “stomach sampling”, aimed at reducing his stomach capacity to retain food in order to keep his health and his shape. A former leading doctor said that the soccer legend would have to rely on a liquid diet for three months if he is serious about returning to his normal size and weight. For the world class footballer, the last statement was a call to discipline. Then the question worldwide that time was: “will Maradona be disciplined enough to go without solid food for three months?” John TT. Foster once said that a man or woman without decision of character can never be said to belong to himself but belongs to whatever can take captive of him. Lack of self-discipline towards your spiritual growth will stagnate your height in life.







God is speaking to you today concerning self discipline. What is it that has gained control over you? Is it malice, forgiveness, gossip, pride, weakness in fasting and prayers, etc.? Ask for the grace of God to be disciplined and put order in any area of your life lacking discipline and I see you moving to a greater level in your life today.  

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